5 reasons your B2B content isn’t converting into leads

February 14, 2017

Best Practices

by Theresa B

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As business to business (B2B) marketers, generating leads is one of our most important metrics. What exactly do we mean by leads? Leads are the visitors to your website that give you contact information in exchange for a valuable piece of content (i.e, a marketing offer). If your website is getting a solid number of visitors, but they’re just not taking the bait, you may be making one of these five lead conversion mistakes.

#1: Your content is all about you

You’ve got a great company, a unique corporate culture, and strong products and services. So it’s only natural to focus all your content on what makes you shine, right? Not so fast. There’s a time and a place to promote these elements (and that’s later in the sales funnel). As a rule of thumb, lead generation content should educate rather than sell. Why?

Before deciding on a particular organization or product, people go through an active research process: starting with identifying a particular challenge, and then evaluating possible solutions before finally settling on yours. Most of your website visitors simply won’t be ready to zero in on a particular solution. So keep content useful and centered on visitors’ goals and best interests: What pain points can you help solve? Are there misconceptions you can clear up? What information or tools can you provide to help your visitors solve their problems or pave the way for new opportunities?

#2: You’re not speaking your prospects’ language

Is your content full of jargon and overused buzzwords that don’t add anything new to the conversation? If so, it could be turning potential leads away. Most organizations speak their own internal language, but that doesn’t mean your prospects do – or that they have time to interpret what you’re trying to convey.   

Try to put yourself into the minds of your best customers. Use natural language and the same types of words they would to create B2B content that speaks directly to your visitors, is easier to grasp, and is primed for the search engines.

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#3: Your landing pages need a redesign

A landing page is the most important element of an effective inbound marketing campaign. It houses the form you use to capture that oh-so-important contact information – and get the leads you need to thrive. But if your landing pages are cluttered, unfocused, or full of distracting elements, there’s a good chance your visitors will click away in a hurry.  

So what makes a landing page effective? It should be able to pass a “blink test.” In other words, it should convey the exact purpose of the page in just three seconds. Keep the elements simple, consistent, visually appealing, and focused on one goal: to get them to fill out and submit your form.

#4: You’re not spreading the love

Though it may seem obvious, a surprising number of B2B marketers overlook this step: make your content shareable. Make sure you include social share buttons for email and each major social network on your blog posts, web pages, and landing pages. And make it easier for your visitors to subscribe to your email and social channels with follow buttons, at least on your “About Us” page and your blog’s homepage.

Don’t forget to share your own content on social media channels. Every time you publish a blog post, spread the word on social networks. Just make sure you’re not just blasting out messages about your company and content exclusively. Social media is a dialog, so share advice and helpful information from the world at large as well. Learn more about social media best practices for B2Bs here.  

#5: You’re giving up too soon

If you know you have a strong landing page and piece of content, but it’s still not converting, you may just need to tweak a few elements. This is where testing comes in. Changing just one element of your offer, your headline for example, can have a huge effect on the number of leads it generates. 

To optimize your offer, use A/B testing to compare conversion rates from one version of a page against a slightly different one. Just make sure you only change a single element at a time or you won’t know which change is responsible for your results. Some things to compare? Different images, call to actions, form lengths, and headlines. Go until your offer converts the highest number of leads.

While it’s important to improve each offer and landing page you create, it’s also critical to keep adding more. HubSpot research shows that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generate over 7 times more leads than business with only 1 to 5. And businesses with over 40 get an impressive 12 times the leads. So keep creating valuable B2B content and lead generation campaigns to see results.

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