Treat social media like a cocktail party

December 15, 2016

B2B Lead Generation

by Annemarie


The holiday party season has us reflecting that despite social media’s ever-changing landscape, it’s still important to approach your social media practices like you’re at a cocktail party. It is social media after all. People-to-people interactions are key to engaging with your customers and clients, growing your following, and driving inbound leads.

Here’s our social media twist on classic cocktail party etiquette:


Just as you wouldn't stand in the middle of party talking loudly about yourself to the room in general, nor should your social interactions be focused on broadcasting without interacting. Instead find common interests with other people at the party or figure out a problem they have that you can help solve. That’s what will draw people to you.


When you’re planning your B2B social media strategy, make sure to set aside as much time for listening as talking. People are attracted to people (and brands) who listen and show a sincere interest in what they’re saying. Listening allows you to take the pulse of the general sentiment around your brands, products, competitors or industry and align the content you create accordingly.


There are a few simple rules for engaging online. Start by thinking of yourself as the host of the party and then make sure to draw out people who may be a little shy, connect people who have common interests, and be cheerful, pleasant and upbeat. And when people use your @ handle in a conversation with questions or complaints be sure to respond.

Party hop

All parties and all social media platforms aren’t created equal. Everyone you know won’t be at the same cocktail party and all your clients and customers won’t be on the same social media platform(s). You’ll need to party hop and do your research to find out where your people hang out. See: listening.

After party

No one can party all the time and no company can rely solely on social media for their marketing. Aim for an omni-channel marketing mix to make it easy for your customers to reach you where they’re most comfortable – be that your website, your retail store, or your blog.

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